We are not just property managers - we are also asset managers.  Having owned and managed over 4 million square feet, the Shon Group is a knowledgeable and experienced manager of commercial real estate. As an owner, we understand the critical role an expert property manager plays in the successful operation of a property.  Utilizing this knowledge, we are able to provide tailored property and asset management solutions to our clients. 

The Shon Group welcomes new asset management and property management engagements. We would be pleased to work with you to maximize the value and cash flow from your portfolio.

Our asset management approach views each engagement through the eyes of a property owner and works to ensure that a property’s value is maximized over its lifecycle.  Through careful attention to leasing and financing terms, construction management, and market insights, our focus on asset management provides property owners with value added service.  This allows property owners to focus on their area of expertise knowing that capable and experienced hands are ensuring their best interests are attended to.

Our property management team has earned an excellent reputation for its ability to increase revenues and reduce operating expenses for the properties under its management. We are able to leverage our years of experience in the real estate industry to maximize the income stream from each property. Our team is constantly monitoring the state of the assets in our portfolio and looking for areas of improvement, thereby ensuring the highest level of service for our clients. Our long operating history has allowed us to create strong relationships with service providers within the industry which can be leveraged to facilitate the successful operation of your property. Due to the dynamic nature of the commercial real estate industry, our staff is well equipped with the latest technology and are continually attending industry events to ensure that we are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the business.

The Shon Group’s experience in the real estate industry allows it to provide added value to its clients by:

  • Providing the highest level of professional building management services to both owners and tenants
  • Maximizing income and reducing operating expenses through careful budgeting
  • Effectively negotiating leases using our intimate knowledge of the market
  • Overseeing construction and renovation services to ensure timely completion
  • Arranging financing 



Operating Costs & Taxes Per Square Foot - Q1 2016

Comparative Vacancy Rates 2013 - 2015

Shon Group Realty successfully redeveloped the Cathedral Place building in 1991 through a joint venture and has managed the building since its construction.  While under the watchful eye of Shon Group Realty staff, Cathedral Place has maintained its AAA rating and has obtained BOMA Best level 3 certification.  Our vacancy rates have consistently been below the Vancouver downtown core average, and our operating costs and taxes are among the lowest in the region as demonstrated by the following tables.